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SEPARATE PROPERTY. Property owned by a married person in his or her own right outside of the community interest including property acquired by the spouse (1) before marriage, (2) by gift or inheritance, (3) from rents and profits on separate property, and (4) with the proceeds from other separate property.


SURVEY. On-site measurement of lot lines, dimensions and position of house on lot, including determination of possible encroachments or existing easements. A survey is often required by the lender to assure him that a house is actually on the land according to its legal description.

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My Key Real Estate is Owned by Realtor / Real Estate Agent Michael Marchena  Located in Riverside California. Here are some Real Estate terms you might find useful while making your Real Estate transaction. ABSTRACT OF TITLE. Summarized history of the legal title to property, shows changes of title, records of liens and encumbrances. ALTA OWNERS POLICY. (American Land Title …

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January 2012 Real Estate Market Update

2012 shows signs of an improving housing market as the U.S. economy continues its forward-moving yet slow road to recovery. Although there are economists projecting housing prices will decline further, aided by distressed property sales that sell at a greater discount, these prices are expected to rebound considerably later in the year and continue into …

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