RECORDING. The process of placing a document on file with a designated public official for public notice. This public official is usually a county officer known as the County Recorder who designates the fact that a document has been presented for recording by placing a recording stamp upon it indicating the time of day and […]


RIGHT OF SURVIVORSHIP. The right of a surviving tenant or tenants to succeed to the entire interest of the deceased tenant; the distinguishing feature of a joint tenancy.


SALES CONTRACT. The contract between the buyer and seller. The contract should explain, in detail, exactly what your purchase includes, who is responsible for providing it, what guarantees there are, when you can move in, what the “closing costs” are, and what “outs” parties have in case the contract is not fulfilled or if you […]


SEPARATE PROPERTY. Property owned by a married person in his or her own right outside of the community interest including property acquired by the spouse (1) before marriage, (2) by gift or inheritance, (3) from rents and profits on separate property, and (4) with the proceeds from other separate property.


SETTLEMENT EXPENSE. This is different from closing costs, but also involves charges that a buyer or seller must pay in closing a deal on a house. Settlement costs include insurance, tax payments, special assessments for improvements to municipal facilities and sales commissions.


SURVEY. On-site measurement of lot lines, dimensions and position of house on lot, including determination of possible encroachments or existing easements. A survey is often required by the lender to assure him that a house is actually on the land according to its legal description.


TITLE INSURANCE. Insurance to protect a real property owner or lender up to a specified amount against certain types of loss, e.g., defective or unmarketable title.


TITLE REPORT. A report which discloses condition of the title, made by a title company preliminary to issuance of title insurance policy.


TITLE SEARCH OF TITLE GUARANTY. Detailed review of title records, generally at the local courthouse, to assure that the property is bought from the legal owner and to determine if any liens, special assessments, other claims or outstanding restrictive covenants are on record.


TITLE. Evidence(usually in the form of a certificate or “deed”) of a person’s legal right to the ownership of property.


TRUST DEED. Just as with a mortgage this is a legal document by which a borrower pledges certain real property or collateral as guarantee for the repayment of a loan. However, it differs from the mortgage in a number of important respects. For example, instead of there being two parties to the transaction there are […]


TRUSTEE. One who holds property in trust for another to secure the performance of an obligation. Third party under a deed of trust.


TRUSTOR. One who borrows money from a trust deed lender, then deeds the real property securing the loan to a trustee to be held as security until trustor has performed the obligation to the lender under terms of a deed of trust.

VA (Veterans’ Administration)

VA (Veterans’ Administration). A federal agency which in 1944 established a loan guaranteed program to encourage private lending agencies to give liberal mortgages to honorably-discharged veterans or their widows. Check your local Veterans’ Administration office for information.


VARIABLE INTEREST RATE. (VlRs or VMRs, Variable Mortgage Rates.) An interest rate in a real estate loan which by the terms of the note varies upward and downward over the term of the loan depending on money market conditions.


WRAP AROUND MORTGAGE. A financing device whereby a lender assumes payments on existing trust deeds of a borrower and takes from the borrower a junior trust deed with a face value in an amount equal to the amount outstanding on the old trust deeds and the additional amount of money borrowed.


ZONING. Classification or real property for varying uses. Act of city or county authorities specifying type of use to which property may be put in specific areas.


ALTA OWNERS POLICY. (American Land Title Association) An owner .s extended coverage policy that provides buyers and owners the same protection the ALTA policy gives to lenders.


ABSTRACT OF TITLE. Summarized history of the legal title to property, shows changes of title, records of liens and encumbrances.

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Real Estate Terms

My Key Real Estate is Owned by Realtor / Real Estate Agent Michael Marchena  Located in Riverside California. Here are some Real Estate terms you might find useful while making your Real Estate transaction. ABSTRACT OF TITLE. Summarized history of the legal title to property, shows changes of title, records of liens and encumbrances. ALTA OWNERS POLICY. (American Land Title […]

February 2012 Real Estate Market Update

2012 is off to a promising start. Mortgage rates continue to drop and have remained under 4% for nearly two months. Home sales are strengthening and pending home sales, a measure to gauge future sales, are at their highest levels since March 2010. Job growth has been increasing for most of 2011, with unemployment dropping […]

January 2012 Real Estate Market Update

2012 shows signs of an improving housing market as the U.S. economy continues its forward-moving yet slow road to recovery. Although there are economists projecting housing prices will decline further, aided by distressed property sales that sell at a greater discount, these prices are expected to rebound considerably later in the year and continue into […]