Represented both Sellers and Buyers | Closed April 2016

Sold in 7 Days and above original list price.

This home was on the market for seven days before going into escrow we had the home priced at $388,850 and got an offer for $400K, but unfortunately we had an appraisal done by an appraiser that did not know how to accurately value a home, and after my lender and I fought with he VA for almost a month the VA decided they would not make any adjustments to the appraisal even though we had tons of documentation to support the home was easily worth $400K, so at the end the seller still got a little above list price with the appraised value of $390k, but I still feel that my seller was robbed by the appraisal. My pricing up until this issue has never been off, so sometimes it really depends on if you get the right appraiser, but in any case the seller was still happy with my services, but was not happy about the appraisal.  You can read the buyers testimonial here. You can also read the sellers Testimonial Coming Soon

Represented Seller and Buyer Sold Single Family Residence in Redlands California – 1362 Mia Ct Redlands California 92374

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