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Client Testimonial by: Holmes Family | Assisted in Buying Home in Perris California Buyers Side Transaction August 2017
Hey my name is Bradley Holmes. I’m currently an active duty member in the United States Marine Corps. Michael Marchena Home Team / My Key Real Estate team is outstanding. I had the privilege of working with Michael Marchena and Adam. They are great realtors. Adam was my primary realtor. He showed me houses and when my wife and I found the house we wanted. Adam and Michael worked really hard to get the house. A 13 day escrow. The team was great. I could call Michael or Adam at anytime. They treat you like family. I recommend them to anyone: Veteran, active duty military members, and in the civilian sector. Great group of people with big hearts and dedication to get you the house you want. Very blessed to have the experience I had with them. Thank you once again Michael and Adam.
Holmes Family Review about Michael Marchena from the Marchena Home Team.
Client Testimonial by: Doupe Family | Assisted in Selling Home in Perris California Sellers Side December 2016 Sold home in Perris California in only 6 Days and above list price.

Alright, hello my name is Edward and my wife Sarah, and we had found Mr. Michael Marchena and Anita online, we were expecting some small car to show up with you know some usual real estate agents and wow that did not happen, these guys they showed up in this massive truck with the real estate sign just bumper to bumper on it, and dang these guys step out and they got a lot of charisma behind them, a good vibe, they start asking what you expect what you want and they let you know what they can do for you and what you could expect from them basically, they sold our house in six days we started escrow, before that from day one thanks to all of the picture work like the drone the picture is the walkthrough with camera from day one we had contracts being written already. I mean these guys did a phenomenal job if you listen to the tips they give you your house will do better than it would if you just sold it by yourself these guys are worth the extra money you paid I did some research I met a couple other real estate agents wasn’t not worth it these guys walk-in with confidence charisma and wow our house was sold in six days, and we needed help finding another house out of state just rent and he actually helped to get in contact with another real estate agent to help us find the house to rent he went above and beyond these guys are great MyKeyRealEstate Michael Marchena and Anita these guys are just outstanding I can’t say enough of it I mean if you check the reviews online for MyKeyRealEstate I mean these guys they just kick butt there worth all the money you you pay them they really do their work and they help sell your house and well we all profit from it these guys actually drove the price up on our house so they’re well worth it. 

Doupe Family, Sold home in Perris California in only 6 Days and above list price. Sold By Michael Marchena Home Team