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Client Testimonial by: Jennifer K | Assisted in Selling Home in Winchester California January 2016
It’s been a very wonderful, pleasant, and positive experience working with Michael. He’s aggressive in marketing the house and prompt response whenever I had questions or requests. Not just looking to make the sale, but genuinely cares about your needs and work for you. Thank you Michael for all  your help!
Jennifer K

Represented Sellers | Closed January 2016

This home was listed in September 2015 right when things start to cool down in the real estate market, so I did inform the seller that the home may sit a while and due to high special assessments we may have to do some negotiations. We did have a lot of activity on this property, but the same issue kept coming up buyers could not qualify for this house once the lenders ran the numbers with the high assessments, so I spoke to the seller and we agreed that a price reduction was our best course of action and soon after that we had an offer and they were able to get approved with the high special assessments on this property and 35 days later we closed escrow. You can read this sellers testimonial / review about my service to them as they’re Winchester California listing agent.

Represented Sellers Sold Single Family Residence in Winchester California – SOLD – 36065 Capri Dr Winchester Ca 92596

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